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Hi all, arrived safe and soundin Oz after an unbelieveabletravel down- ohmigod I have been asleep since I got here!! My bag got lost but have it now- will send proper updates wheni get to a cheaper internet cafe!!!!

Well.... Just got a free half hour in an internet cafe in Airlie Beach so am going to typw as qucick as my little fingies will let me to fill you in on all the goss which will prob be around 3 WPM- so apologies for the spelling mistakes in advance....This might be boring but I am kind of keeping it as a diary fior myself as much as anything else so it might go into unnecessary detail.

Well after an emotional goodbye to all in the airport me and Gar headed off on our merry way for the longest travel I have endured in my life. The first fiasco happened in Cork when we the dope behind the check in desk informed us that she only sent our bags to Sinagpore and not straight on to Cairns and that she couldnt do anything about it due to "security reasons" which I now know is aiport person speak for "I couldnt be arsed". Once we got to Heathrow and re checked in the guy there sent on our bags to Cairns in 2 minutes and we didnt even ask...sound eh? All we had to do was check at Singapore that the bags were going to be diverted for deffo which we had 4 houirs to do so we were happy enough with that. Major flight of 11 hours ensued -watched Juno on my personal TV which was brill and slept the rest of the way much to Garys annoyance..har har.

Then when we got off in Singapore the dopes at the aorport could find Garys bag but not mine...I never saw how much Gary resembled the Mona Lisa before...was he smiling or frowning who could tell??... I'm sure he thought it was fit punishmnet for having slept more than him on the flight but I decided to let it go and didnt throw a wobbler or anything - was quite prouda meself really!!

The rest of the trip was uneventful really and we got in at 8.20 Am and checkded the booking for the hostel- it had been booked for the bloody night before ... had to call them to make sure they werent going to take the bloody money off me card anyways and we got the courtesy bus to the hostel. The landscape was absolutely amazing -nothing what we had imagined it to look like- it was like Jurassic park...full of mountains and trees and really really hot and humid. "Crowie" (to be pronounced in an extreme Joe Mangle accent) the bus driver was sound as a pound and he semed to set the standard for all Aussies we have met so far. They are more friendly than the Americans but not fake in anyway..you know the Yanks are tring to befriend you so they can murder you or something -or even worse come and stay at your house when they are in Ireland the next time!!

Went to bed a soon as our room was ready and got up at 7pm for dinner and drinks. Back to bed for 12 and we slept again until the next morning. I never believed people when they went on about jetlag before but this was unreal. On Tuesday we made an executive decision and decided we were over the jetlag so we had to sort out a camper van if we done nothing else. Off with us anyway for the 15 minute walk to wicked campers..me in me new flip flops that I had just purchased. 45 minutes later we were still walking lookig for bloody O'Keefe Street- eventually we found the wicked camper dwelling and it was not good. The van we were shown was makin bacon....yep pigs 'at it" on the side of the van. Could you imagine us pulling up in a family caravan park all the kids running over to have a look a tthe deadly bus with the little piggy wiggies...then the questions would start "what are they doin?" and the next scene is me and Gary being chased out of town by a lynch mob with burning trees and the like. So needless to say we thought we would give it a miss...We squelched off home - my feet were now two giant blisters at this point and passed another little Camper Van place along the way that sounded really cheap. Had a look at the van and it was basically a blue mattress in the back with two boxes underneath - once containing plastic tupperware that had probably been used by 50 people before us and another box containing a clothes line...the 'oul fella showing us the van was as proud as punch with himself and the van and sure me and Gar being two dopes were actually kind of impressed aswell after seeing the state of the Wicked van. Decided to take the night to think about it. Went back to the hostle had dinner for $8 dollars (thought of Jenny Jacques and the Eddie Hobs diet) and decided to go up the room for a read at around half seven. Woke up at 8 O'clock the next morning..!!

Went back the next morning for another look at the camper - the thing was covered in crazy looking Antz and the blue mattress in the back didnt even fold back to reval a table - it was literally a blue mattress in a van!! We were considering it and I was trying to be all like "we are on a budget and I dont care where I stay" but after a while I had to give in and say no. I just couldnt spend 3 weeks feeling like I was being deported to Bangalore in the back of some random Mitsubishi. We decidedto go the most expensive place and see what they had on offer and in the words of Sister Carmel wo lo and behold they had a fab camper on offer. It was a little over budgte but it si soooo deadly..microwave,fridge,cooker,storage AND table and chairs for outside. We had found the one. Got him down by 200 dollars and off we went on a lovely scenicdrive that the kindly salesman had advised us to take!The scenery and views were amazing and we were blown away with the place. Arrived at Paronella Park and took the night walk in the rainforest - it was deadly eadly...saw turtles, fireflys, frogs, toads and loadsa deadly stuff- I even went for a wee with a Gecco and a grasshopper!! the whole tour really was worth the trip and again it totally turned my idea of australia on its head- I didnt even know they had rainforests here- very impressed.

Yesterday was pretty much spent driving 500k to Bowen so we could get to Airlie Beach early today. The van park was gorgeous -right on the beach -and we got an en suite site with toilets and shower right beside the van. No wonder aussis are always in great form- I would be too if I lived here and got to go on holidays like this with me 2 weeks off work every year!

Now we are at another deadly van park with the oul loo and shower en suite that is just cool magool in Airle Beach. We are having a day off tomorrow and are off the the Whitsundays on Sunday and Monday for some snorkelling and Scuba Diving. Am still trying to wind down would you believe but am sure I'll get there by next week!! Missing everyone already even though we arent even gone a week!!

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